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                                    研發設計團隊                                                    市場開發團                                                  項目管理團隊

      ·  優秀的研發設計團隊 Excellent R&D Team

      Based on aerospace technology, SSEC energetically develops PV technologies such as BIPV, PV system detection and intelligent micro-grid technology. In ground power station construction, SSEC is gradually applying low power condenser technology, adjustable support technology, wireless data upload technology, spare satellite communication channel technology as well as data remote monitoring platform.

      ·  強大的市場開發團隊Strong Market Development Team
      With the aerospace brand advantage, SSEC is exploiting diversified PV projects over China, including centralized PV stations, distributed PV stations, multi-energy complementary systems and smart energy projects.

      ·  專業的項目管理團隊 Professional Project Management Team
      Following strict, cautious, careful and steady working style and scientific management mode of standardization, normalization and modularization, SSEC is building excellent PV projects and supplying comprehensive and efficient PV system integration solutions for our customers.
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